Closing the gender gap: Challenges, opportunities and the future

It is now accepted that the global economic picture in 2050 will look very different from today. The established G7 economies are already seeing a shift of their traditional economic power to the emerging countries, the so-called E7 of China, India, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey.

In addition to economic change, we are going through a period of huge social transformation, as we move into a future of labour shortages, skills gaps and a world in which the educational and economic empowerment of women will become even more significant.

How can we address and accommodate these changes? What are the actions which will help us face the challenge of the future? What efforts and connections need to be made by governments, companies and NGOs?

In an attempt to find answers to these questions and more, PwC invited global academics, politicians and business leaders to share their views on the gender gap and how it will impact our future. Their insights are gathered in this thought provoking film, which was showcased at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Take a look at our global perspective on answers to such questions as:

Feedback from our viewers:

"It was just terrific; visuals, content, pace. I particularly liked the 'leaking pipeline' metaphor. I had not heard that before; it is right on point—evokes the appropriate level of concern."
"The film is excellent. It thoroughly gets the key messages across. Are there plans to get this onto mainstream TV?"
"...thank you and your team for the marvellous work done on this film. It was perceptive, crisp and professional but a significant factor was that it spoke the human language instead of business jargon."
"This is an outstanding video that leaves me feeling inspired and empowered."
"I just watched the full version...It was powerful, diverse, concise, polished, and hard-hitting. The message is clearly conveyed and the number of high profile participants that you interviewed is astounding."
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Closing the gender gap

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Key links:

  • How does the focus on diversity increase the access to talent?
  • Why is it relevant for companies and governments to care about this issue?
  • How, and how fast, can companies respond to global challenges?
  • What will companies look like in the future?
  • What is the impact of diversity on innovation?
  • How does diversity link to productivity, a cornerstone of economic growth?
  • And why does all of this matter so much more in the future?