Gender and Gen Y: Insights into Global Diversity in China

Global diversity is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Practitioners must do more than simply replicate their U.S.-based diversity strategies in their company offices abroad. To develop and execute a truly successful global diversity initiative, one must take into account the differences—and similarities—that exist between the cultures of the company headquarters and the global office and the country in which it resides.

Diversity Best Practices and Working Mother Media are committed to helping organizations excel in managing diversity on a multinational scale. To that end, the companies hold an annual global event featuring two full days of conference programming.

The Global Best Practice session―held with the support of host sponsors Cisco Systems Inc. and Intel Corporation on November 17, in Beijing, China―was designed to give Diversity Best Practices’ global members insight into the challenges of managing diversity in China and addressed the issues of cross-cultural competence, gender intelligence and generational diversity.

This paper provides a rich overview of the key takeaways from the days’ discussions.