External Relationships

Partnering with outside organisations

An important part of our focus on global gender diversity is learning from and partnering with outside organisations. We currently work and partner with:

Arab International Women's Forum

The Arab International Women's Forum (AIWF) is a London-based organisation, set up to link Arab business women with each other and their global counterparts. PwC is a corporate sponsor of the Forum. The AIWF's founder and chair, Mrs. Haifa Fahoum Al Kaylani, is featured in the PwC film, "Closing the gender gap".


The Boston College Global Workforce Roundtable

The Global Workforce Roundtable was established in 2005 with the mission to provide a dynamic forum for a multicultural exchange of information, best practices and lessons learned among leading corporations seeking to enhance their global workforce strategies. The Center for Work and Family (CWF) brings a work-life perspective to such strategies with the aim to help employees lead productive professional and personal lives. Areas of focus include support for working parents, flexible work arrangements, well-being and employee development. Recognizing that a global workforce has distinct needs in these areas, diversity and inclusion will be continuous themes of the Global Workforce Roundtable.



Founded in 1962, Catalyst is the leading non-profit corporate membership research and advisory organisation working globally with businesses and the professions to build inclusive environments and expand opportunities for women and business. The organisation has offices in New York, San Jose, Toronto, and Zurich and the support and confidence of more than 340 leading corporations, firms, business schools, and associations. Catalyst is connected to business and its changing needs and is the premier resource for information and data about women in the workplace. PwC has been a global member of Catalyst and a sponsor of a wide variety of research projects for many years.

In addition, Catalyst honours exemplary business initiatives that promote women's leadership with the annual Catalyst award. PwC US was a proud winner of the Catalyst award in 2007.


The Glass Hammer

PwC is a founding sponsor of The Glass Hammer, an online community designed for women executives in financial services, law and business. The community is anchored around issues that matter to women professionals, including the experiences of up-and-coming and executive female talent; networking advice; and timely career pointers pertinent to female professionals.


London Business School

PwC is a supporter of the LBS Centre for Women in Business—a forum for exchange between the worlds of academia and business, and a centre for thought leadership—and has contributed to two key pieces of research: "Inspiring women: Corporate best practice in Europe" and "Innovative potential: Men and women in teams".



NASSCOM is India's trade body for the IT industry, with over 1,200 Indian and global organisations as corporate members. NASSCOM are very committed to supporting women in IT through their Gender Inclusivity Initiative and, in addition to creating regional chapters of "Women in Leadership – IT", NASSCOM hold an annual Women in Leadership Summit in Bangalore. The Gender Advisory Council's Cleo Thompson spoke at the 2008 event and described her experiences in this Gender Agenda blog entry.


Opportunity Now

Opportunity Now is a UK-based membership organisation for employers who are committed to creating an inclusive workplace for women. Its prestigious annual awards programme recognises excellent practice in organisations working to create equal, diverse and inclusive workplaces, with a particular focus on gender.

PwC is proud to have been named winner of Opportunity Now's inaugural 2009 "Global award", in recognition of the work and achievements of PwC's Gender Advisory Council (GAC). Read the Gender Agenda blog entry describing the awards ceremony.

In addition, PwC UK was named winner of the 2009 Advancing Women in Business Award for its strategic approach to diversity and inclusion and how it is working to increase the number of women at partner level.


The Women's Forum for the Economy and Society

The Women's Forum is an independent global forum that aims to put forward practical solutions for the most pressing economic, social and moral issues of our time. It is dedicated to building and implementing a more balanced world for all, and serves as a platform for debate, best practice sharing, networking, brainstorming and action.

PwC has been a sponsor and partner of the Forum since it was established in 2005, and regularly contributes speakers and thought leadership publications to its events. Examples include Empowering women to empower the earth and Women's economic participation: Enablers, barriers, responses.

In 2009, we were once again a sponsor of the Women's Forum. PwC Netherlands Financial Services Partner Sonja Barendregt-Roojers spoke on a roundtable panel on business innovation, which looked at where today's growth areas and sources of innovation lie and what has made some innovation efforts fail and others succeed.

We also hosted the Sustainability Club, a place for reflection and the sharing of best practice on the issues of climate, biodiversity and sustainable procurement. It was also a place where delegates could offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Professionals from our Sustainability practice provided their expertise and calculated the offsets which will enable the financing of an electricity and heat biomass project in Karnataka, India.


The World Economic Forum – Women Leaders Programme

The World Economic Forum, through its Women Leaders Programme, is committed to promoting women's leadership and the issues affecting women's lives globally. The mission of the programme is to promote discussion and targeted action on the status of women across the world and across sectors by engaging business leaders, policy-makers and representatives of civil society organisations and by monitoring progress through new benchmarking tools that measure the global gender gap.

PwC's film, Closing the Gender Gap, was shown at the 2009 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, which was also attended by PwC Bahrain's Elham Hassan as part of the official trade delegation from Bahrain.


Working Mother Media

Working Mother Media is the largest multimedia company in the US focused on diversity and the advancement of women. In addition to publishing Working Mother magazine, the organisation also includes a dynamic events division.

PwC is a regular sponsor of Working Mother's conferences, including the South African Advancement of Women Conference in Johannesburg in August 2008. Female PwC leaders, including partner Shirley Machaba, spoke at a number of sessions and, together with top Australian businesswoman Maureen Frank, hosted a mentoring workshop entitled "Mentoring: Challenging Women to Step Up".

Working Mother Media also celebrates companies that are truly focused on work/life initiatives that enable mothers to build rewarding careers—and our US firm is proud to have appeared on the lists for both the 100 Best Companies and the Best Companies for Multicultural Women for a number of years.


The World Bank Private Sector Leaders Forum

PwC is a member of World Bank’s Global Private Sector Leaders Forum, an initiative of the World Bank Group Gender Action Plan (GAP) to engage private sector leaders in promoting women's economic empowerment. The Forum is one of World Bank President Robert B. Zoellick's six new commitments on gender equality announced on April 11, 2008 at the World Bank Group Spring Meetings. The Forum is comprised of a group of influential global business leaders, (including Chairman of PwC International, Dennis Nally) who have made commitments to creating opportunities for women as an integral part of their core business, corporate social responsibility agendas or diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The World Bank Private Sector Leaders Forum