D&I Leader, Japan: Noriko Umeki

Based in Tokyo, Noriko joined PwC Aarata in 1992. She is a client service partner in Assurance with both domestic and international clients in the banking and securities industry.

For the past few years, she has been working as Diversity leader and PwC Experience leader of PwC Japan. She recently led ‘Culture Week’, a series of workshops for PwC people across Japan on topics such as diversity and business skills.

Noriko believes that having children makes our lives wonderful and gives us the opportunity to be more diverse, which is valuable to our business, too. “We need to listen to other people, understand what they need, and come up with solutions together,” she says.

She considers herself lucky to work with a great female role model and some wonderful expat partners, giving her good opportunities in business and the flexibility needed to look after her family too.

“At PwC, we aim to put ourselves in our client’s shoes… this is all about diversity.”

Norika Umeki, PwC Japan Assurance Partner