D&I Leader, The Netherlands: Jolanda Lamse-Minderhoud

Jolanda is a member of the Dutch firm’s Territory Leadership Team, where she is Chief Operating Officer and responsible for Human Capital.

With PwC Netherlands since 1992, she is a client relationship partner in the Assurance practice with clients in the healthcare industry.  From January 2010 to June 2013, she was a member of the Dutch firm's Assurance Board as Assurance Human Capital Leader, cross line of service Development Leader.

The Dutch firm has been working on diversity for many years. From creating awareness of the issue and the business rationale from a female/male perspective, to creating an inclusive culture for all, the Dutch firm also focuses on Ethnicity and Gay/Lesbian issues, while  maintaining its focus on gender.

"My personal experience is that if you are willing to 'Lean in' almost everything is possible."

"We need to work both sides. Men should have an understanding of the differences and learn how to embrace them, Women should/could ask themselves the question: 'What would make it possible?' Instead of thinking of the 'why not's', think of how and what you can do to make it work."

D&I Leader, The Netherlands: Jolanda Lamse-Minderhoud