Our performance

In order to drive progress, it is essential that we are able to measure and report on the key performance indicators that are most relevant to our global CR strategy.

As an overall indication of one of our key stakeholders’ views, our global people survey revealed that 80% of our people are satisfied with the actions PwC is taking to be socially responsible, and 71% of our people are satisfied that we are responding appropriately to address the impact of our business on the environment. These results continue to improve year on year, and exceed the external global ‘best in class’ norms.

We are in the process of developing KPIs for the responsible business focus area. This is an essential area for the PwC network and we are working with our stakeholders to identify meaningful indicators. For information on our performance on Information on Diversity & inclusion, please visit our Diversity & inclusion website.

A number of PwC firms, such as Australia, China / Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the UK, gain assurance on of their CR data but there is the potential to bring more consistency to our reporting across the rest of the Network. This remains a key priority.

Environmental stewardship
  FY15 FY14 FY13
Scope 1 - Direct emissions 41,926 25,523 24,716
Scope 2 - Indirect emissions 179,529 180,292 174,986
Scope 3 - Air travel 398,065 401,479 351,474
Total emissions (gross) 619,521 607,294 551,176
Total offsets and green tariff electricity 202,948 178,901 146,130
Total emissions (net) 416,573 428,393 405,046

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (tCO2e)

  • Scope 1 – Direct emissions: emissions from sources that are owned or controlled by the PwC network.
  • Scope 2 – Indirect emissions: emissions from the generation of purchased electricity and heat consumed.
  • Scope 3 – Air travel: emissions from work-related air travel.
  • These figures relate only to the 21 largest firms in the PwC network.
  • FY14 total offsets and green tariff electricity has been restated to exclude offsets purchased to cover scope 3 emissions other than air travel. This has resulted in an increase in reported total net emissions.