Environmental stewardship

It's simple. Without a planet there is no business. That’s why we actively manage the impact of our business and help our clients make the transition to the green economy, placing real value on natural capital.

Managing our impact

Across the globe, our firms are guided by our Network Environmental Statement. Our efforts are focused on reducing energy usage from our offices and air travel – which are by far the greatest source of our emissions. We have achieved a reduction in emissions per employee of 8% on FY14 levels. However, gross and net emissions have increased and we will continue to actively manage our emissions, partly through making greater use of technology.

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Working with clients

The greatest impact we can have is through supporting our clients to improve their environmental outcomes and to find new innovative solutions to environmental challenges in our areas of expertise. For example, PwC UK and PwC Germany helped PUMA to become the world’s first company to produce an environmental profit and loss account, a milestone on the journey to the development of our Total Impact Measurement and Management tool.

We want all our people to consider environmental opportunities in their work every day, and support them with our global network of over 700 specialists in our Sustainability & Climate Change practice.

Our performance

Total GHG emissions by scope

Total GHG emissions by scope

Total gross and net GHG emissions and GHG emissions per employee

Total gross and net GHG emissions and GHG emissions per employee



Total gross emissions (tCO2e) per employee

Total gross emissions (tCO2e) per employee

These figures relate only to the 21 largest firms in the PwC network.  

FY14 and FY15 data has been restated following the implementation of a new business information tool which has improved the accuracy of our data.

Our Scope 1 emissions (direct emissions) are mainly related to the combustion of natural gas, diesel and fuel oil at our offices (e.g. to power generators and boilers) and in company-owned vehicles.

Our Scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions) are related to our use of purchased electricity. We have applied the UK Government GHG Conversion Factors (2016).

Our Scope 3 emissions include business travel by air. Our gross emissions include all of our Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Our net emissions are calculated based on our gross emissions, minus 'offset emissions' that we achieved through carbon offsetting, by purchasing electricity on green tariffs or by generating electricity on-site from renewable sources.



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