Our leaders at Davos – Norbert Winkeljohann

Our leaders
at Davos

Norbert Winkeljohann

Norbert Winkeljohann, Senior Partner, PwC Germany

What are you expecting to get out of Davos 2015?

Norbert: The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2015 will focus on ‘The New Global Context’ we live in. Our changing and dynamic world is looking for new models, systems and leaderships to be able to respond to future market trends. Business leaders will need innovative and creative solutions for new paradigms emerging over the next few years. Davos brings together key players from the worlds of business, politics, academics and technology. That’s what makes it so special.

What’s this new global context about?

Norbert: There’s no doubt that the world has changed - and that it will look even more different in a decade’s time. The megatrends are reshaping the world we live in. One of these trends relates to demographic and social changes which need to be carefully taken into consideration to create successful leadership over the coming  years. Davos is a great opportunity to engage business, social and political leaders to work together to get ahead of these transformations.

What do you value most about your time at Davos?

Norbert: The meeting is different every year and that’s what makes it so exciting. It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with some of the most influential business people in the world. Held in the first month of the year, Davos offers a clear overview of what’s going to happen over the coming months. That’s why I think it’s also the perfect opportunity to present our Annual Global CEO Survey which gives an insight into how CEOs around the world are feeling about the global economy and the year ahead.