Our leaders at Davos – Bob Moritz, Senior Partner, PwC US

Our leaders
at Davos

Bob Moritz

Bob Moritz, Senior Partner, PwC US

As a regular Davos participant, what were your impressions of the 2013 meeting?

Bob: Davos is always thought provoking and inspiring. I can't think of another event that brings together such an eclectic mix of participants from the worlds of business, politics, technology, academia, entertainment and more. That diversity ensures topics on the minds of CEOs and business leaders are addressed from a variety of perspectives. Last year, I was a panellist at Edelman's annual Trust Barometer Launch event, in partnership with the Financial Times. The discussion focused on trust, or lack thereof, across various sectors, including government, media and financial institutions. I think the issue of trust -- which affects organisations of all kind -- will continue to be a hot topic on the agenda at Davos this year.

Is there anything in particular on the Davos agenda that you’re looking forward to?

Bob: One of the strengths of the meeting is that it focuses on the most topical and pressing issues facing organisations and people around the world. I look forward to taking part in many of these discussions. I also look forward to hosting PwC's annual nightcap, which takes place after our annual Davos dinner, where we get to entertain clients and friends of our organisation. We always have a great speaker at the dinner; this year it’s former United States Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner. Also, the launch of our Annual Global CEO Survey on the eve of the Davos meeting is always a great session, with an interesting group of journalists, many of whom we meet there every year. Finally, a must attend event for me each year is the Forum of Young Executive Leaders cocktail party held each year on the Thursday night in Davos. It's incredible to see and meet so much talent from around the world!

What would you say to someone who has never been to Davos?

Bob: First, don't forget your business cards and make sure you get to Davos rested so you can make the most out of the meeting. Second, come prepared with an agenda. And third, pace yourself and stay focused. Davos really brings together people from all over the world and all walks of life, and there are just so many opportunities to meet new and interesting people who have some sort of role in shaping the future. It's easy to get distracted, but stay focused on what you want to get out of it so you come away with a sense of accomplishment.