Payroll & HR Administration Outsourcing

PwC provides tailored solutions that are able to meet your business needs and mitigate risks. We are able to bring you considerable business benefits from the quality and accuracy of our payroll services and valueadded HR offerings.

If you need We offer you
  • mitigation of risk
  • privacy and confidentiality
  • more time for management to focus on the core business
  • to streamline HR processes
  • to improve cost control
  • compliance with tax and labour laws
  • long- term and customised solutions
  • up-to-date technology
  • quick ERP implementations
  • support for dealing with risks




  • reliable and accurate payroll calculations
  • online access of employee payslips
  • effective processes for recruiting, dismissals and back-dated payments
  • remote access to high tech payroll software applications
  • personnel file maintenance 
  • systematic data validation
  • ad-hoc advice
  • the service of registering your company and employees with regulatory authorities
  • the communication with authorities
  • maintenance of annual leave records