International Tax Structuring

Multinational businesses are struck daily by tax, legislative and regulatory developments around the world. Mastering their impact on business operations and cross-country transactions is vital to a company’s survival. PwC’s network of highly experienced international tax services professionals is here to help, in every way, and everywhere you do business.

If you need We offer you
  • to improve your company’s tax profile by taking
    advantage of the opportunities provided by tax
    incentive legislation
  • to increase relevant cash flows
  • to reduce the tax rate by mitigating tax inefficiencies
  • to improve your company’s tax “health” by reducing the risk of additional taxes and penalties in the
    course of a future tax audit
  • to minimise your tax burden by identifying significant tax risks
  • to improve business and operational efficiency
  • meet compliance obligations



  • effective and tax-efficient strategies for domestic
    and international investments, both pre and post-transaction
  • updates of international tax developments that may affect your business
  • tax structuring for domestic and international transactions
  • management of tax requirements and obligations
  • advice on tax issues, such as EU tax harmonisation