Investment Management and Real Estate

Are you keeping up with the pace?* IFRS Real Estate Survey – Details of 2007 Results

This is a global survey, but the main focus is on Europe. Compared to the previous year the sample is more diverse and also includes annual reports of some Central and Eastern European as well as Scandinavian countries. In comparison to the 2006 survey we also included more financial statements from the Asia Pacific region.

We identified differences in applying IFRS and mapped the diversity of industry practice through a desktop review of the presentation and disclosure in the financial statements surveyed. This survey is not intended to give any judgement on which method of presentation or disclosure gives more information or is better than the other, nor does it intend to judge whether the selected companies applied IFRS correctly. The items reviewed in the survey and the outcome thereof are not necessarily based on obligations under IFRS. In the survey we do not explicitly mention which presentations and disclosures are obligatory and which presentations and disclosures have been made voluntarily.

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