International Mobility

Analysis and insight on trends and best practice

In this paper, we take a close look at trends and best practice across the Engineering & Construction (E&C) industry with regard to moving people to work abroad.

We draw on interviews with 24 companies in the sector from around the globe, covering areas such as international assignment policy, compliance, reward, cost effectiveness and talent management.

Some of the key findings are:

  • Of the sample of E&C companies, 80% rate international mobility as important to their business now—increasing to 95% in the future
  • Most respondents recognise the importance of international mobility and talent management but few have implemented a systematic approach to link the two
  • 32% felt that an international assignment increases the risk of individuals leaving the company
  • Only a few rated cost effectiveness as a priority—and a third are failing to measure it at all, while those that do often use only rough estimates
  • Immigration and social security issues are viewed as less critical compliance issues, but noncompliance in either of these areas can trigger steep penalties