Chinese Bankers Survey 2011

Executive Summary

This survey, which is jointly presented by the China Banking Association (CBA) and PwC, targeted the senior management of both the head offices and branches of Chinese banks. It was primarily conducted between April and June of 2011 through electronic questionnaires, with 818 valid responses received from participating banks. In addition, the project team conducted face-to-face interviews with 72 senior banking executives, which included Board Chairmen, Presidents, Vice Presidents and department heads.

This survey endeavours to:

  1. gain insights into the strategies, opportunities, and challenges for the Chinese banking industry as it embarks on economic structure optimisation, business innovation and transformation programmes from the standpoint of Chinese bankers;
  2. share the views and recommendations of Chinese bankers on areas such as reform, liberalisation, and business development, amid the regulatory oversight of the Chinese banking industry;

  3. promote mutual understanding and dialogues between the regulatory authorities, domestic and overseas market participants, and the Chinese bankers.