Shipping - Performance Improvement

Shipping companies should be looking at building the processes, controls, (yield-management) systems and staff capabilities that ultimately help to manage the business better, both now and for the future. Management will raise questions like: How can we get more value from our company’s finance function? Does our finance function support our company’s business operations? What are the key risks faced by our company and are we effectively managing those risks? How do we spend less time retrieving and reporting information?

Does our company have the appropriate organisation in place to address compliance requirements? Have we got the right person in the right finance role?

We work closely with clients to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their companies’ finance operations. Our accounting, organisational and technology skills can help enhance the core transaction processing and reporting competencies of the finance function, while strengthening its ability to support management decision-making and corporate stategy.

Key client issues that we address include:

  • Finance reviews
  • Performance management
  • Consolidation and reporting
  • Treasury and working capital
  • People
  • Systems and tools
  • Risks and controls