Shipping - Mergers & Acquisitions, Listings, Restructuring

An area which has attracted significant attention over the last few years in the shipping industry has been the increasing number of companies that were drawn to the public markets, particularly in the US.

At the advice of an increasing number of investment bankers visiting Athens and Piraeus, a listing in the public markets has been the chosen source of financing growth for a number of Greek ship owners who took advantage of favourable market conditions and managed to grow their companies (and personal wealth) significantly over a short period of time.

Terms like SPACs and MLPs became widely known in the industry and once it was clear that any reservations about dilution of the shareholder base that traditional Greek owners may have had were gone, institutional investors (such as private equity funds or investment arms of commercial banks) have sought to share in the prosperity of Greek shipping through private offerings and other private deals.

As the financing options available to Greek shipowners increased, so did the amounts of available funds to invest. Some have made private investments in completely different industries, others are seeking to complement their core shipping activities with other businesses within the same supply chain. Deals have recently been announced where shipping groups have made investments into or acquisitions of shipyards, port terminals, storage facilities, inland shipping etc.

Our specialised teams have developed our service offering in the fields of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Listings and Restructuring with a view to assisting shipping industry clients navigate through the maze of the various financing and investment options available to them and help them assess and evaluate the most appropriate option that is aligned with their business objectives.