Technology Forecast: Building sustainable companies

This issue of the Technology Forecast (2011, Issue 4), explores how sustainability can become an integral part of doing business and contribute to both corporate reputation and financial results.


  • Sustainability: moving from compliance to leadership
    Examines how the sustainability journey takes an enterprise from a focus on compliance to efficiency to obligation, results in industry leadership and long term viability. A combination of metrics and information technologies enable progress on this journey, by making it possible for enterprises to systematically integrate the environmental and social impact of their products and operations with how economic value is created.
  • Closing the loop on sustainability information
    Looks at emerging technologies available now to collect and distribute data to help employees make decisions that weigh environmental, social, and economic impacts on the long-term ability to sustain the business. These technologies close the loop by integrating sustainability information with operational information.
  • The CIO’s next leadership opportunity: sustainability
    Examines steps the IT executive can take to move the enterprise forward on this important strategic issue. By focusing on the role of information, CIOs can drive engagement and embed sustainable practices across the IT function, the enterprise, and supply chains. CIOs can build on past experiences in deploying enterprise-wide systems for human capital management as well as process improvement programmes.