Sustainable packaging

Myth or Reality?

This new report revisits the packaging debate and tracks the progress the industry has made towards closer collaboration between stakeholders that goes beyond the term sustainable packaging.

The UK packaging industry, leading retailers, manufacturers and consumer groups interviewed for this report (including Diageo, Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, Marks & Spencer and INCPEN), unanimously agreed that the much used sustainable packaging term should be phased out and the focus should be on ensuring packaging delivers maximum sustainability throughout the entire supply chain and is recoverable after use.

The conclusions show how fast-paced the industry is in developing new technologies and the use of exciting materials, but the need to stop using the term sustainable packaging. The industry is working towards efficient products, packaging, transport and end of life solutions. The drive is to make the entire supply chain more efficient.

  • New materials, nanotechnology and intelligent packaging will forge the future of the packaging industry but fears over scarcity of raw materials grow
  • Concerns voiced over skill shortages from chemical engineers to packaging technicians
  • Efficiency drives to focus on materials, energy and cost and building a sustainable supply chain