Profitable growth strategies for the Global Emerging Middle

Learning from the ‘Next 4 Billion’ markets

The Global Emerging Middle is a class of citizens and consumers defining a critical growth horizon for companies over the coming decade. They are found largely in markets we define as the ‘Next 4 Billion’: countries like India, China, Indonesia, parts of Africa and Latin America where over 4 billion of the 7 billion people on our planet reside. Not only will this horizon define how businesses grow over the coming years, but strategies to foster profitable growth in this segment will determine whether companies can achieve sustained success.

The report focuses on strategies adopted by leaders who have tried to grow profitably in this market. Their experiences, brought out through case studies and interviews with CEOs, and practitioners give interesting pointers for success in this market. The detailed research focuses on the large Indian emerging middle, which is often seen at the front line of innovations to address this segment. Selected cases studies then take this learning to other parts of the ‘Next 4 Billion’ markets to flesh out these strategies