Making it happen

A roadmap for cities and local public services to achieve outcomes

Cities and local governments facing multiple challenges, which were intensified by the financial crisis, have urgently to implement strategies that allow them to compete for business investment, retain talent and attract visitors. But how can city managers best execute the city’s strategy and deliver their vision in this new era? Will they be able to deliver their desired outcomes? And can they overcome budget cuts and still develop and improve their local economies? As the world emerges from recession, this report focuses on how cities can make things happen by identifying the success factors that are essential for the execution of a
city’s strategy and making progress towards realising its vision.

Our goals in this report are to outline the agenda for action for local government leaders in addressing this new world. We set out our views on how
cities and local governments can deliver the outcomes that their stakeholders – both residents and businesses – need and want through effective implementation
of their strategies, supported by examples of success and good practice.

This is a PwC Public Sector Research Centre publication.