Q4 2011 global Transportation & Logistics industry M&A analysis

This edition focuses on logistics and trucking acquisitions. The analysis of deals since 2000 finds that logistics and trucking M&A has had the highest positive correlation with global economic output of all transportation modes. Expectations for a continued global economic expansion are positive for activity in this category. Although rail was active this past quarter, shipping and infrastructure deals seem best-positioned to lead the market in 2012. Both developed and emerging markets are highly supportive of future infrastructure M&A.

While macroeconomic risks remain, the potential for strength in shipping and infrastructure deals outweighs this concern. In addition, a stronger-than-expected recovery in the United States could also provide additional upside for M&A activity. This edition also includes a special section on divestitures and spin-offs, increasingly viewed as essential strategies for helping companies better position themselves for growth opportunities.