Hourglass - issue 21

In this edition, we look at how business can work with universities to reduce the talent shortage and the highly topical subject of diversity in the boardroom. 

Some of the main articles include:
  • Talent management - HR needs to have an integrated approach if it is to tackle the talent shortage and attract and retain the best employees
  • Recruitment - A closer relationship between universities and the future employers of their graduates is seen as a possible solution to the talent shortage
  • Crisis management - Black swan events are by definition incredibly rare, so is it worth investing to survive them?
  • Women in the boardroom - Would quotas work?
  • Pensions - We all need to be more realistic about the true cost of pensions or we are leaving a timebomb for future generations
  • Dress to impress - How much say should companies have as to what their employees wear, and does it really make any difference?