Hourglass - issue 20

In this edition we look at the return of mergers and acquisitions, the rise of social media and the impact of clawback arrangements on bonus payments.

Some of the main articles include: 
  • When two become one - With mergers and acquisitions on the rise, the pressure is on HR to help their companies through a time of turbulent change
    and uncertainty
  • Keeping it real - The employer brand is a vital ingredient in attracting Generation Y – but how can companies maintain the ‘small employer’
    feeling as they grow?
  • Friend or foe? - Many companies once blocked their employees from using social media sites such as Facebook at work, but now they are
    embracing the technology
  • Strings attached - Clawback arrangements have become more prevalent in the wake of the credit crunch. But do they actually tackle the problems
    they are intended to address?