Five megatrends and their implications for global defense & security

Global megatrends are macroeconomic and geostrategic forces that are shaping our world, and our collective futures in profound ways. The implications of these forces are broad and varied, and they will present us with both tremendous opportunities to seizeā€”as well as extremely dangerous risks to mitigate.

In this paper, PwC examines five key megatrends: 

  • Shift in global economic power
  • Demographic change
  • Rapid urbanization
  • Rise of technology
  • Climate change and resource scarcity

We examine these megatrends with a specific focus on the various disruptive effects we anticipate these five megatrends will have on defense and security. 

Through this examination it is apparent that these megatrends pose substantial challenges that cannot, and should not, be addressed in isolation.