13th Global Power & Utilities Survey

Energy transformation: The impact on the power sector business model

The survey looks at how distributed generation will impact the power sector business model. Today's power utilities market is facing major disruption. The magnitude of near and mid-term challenges is immense. Power companies are pulling the plug on conventional generation. Utility commodity businesses face continued strong headwinds. Carbon markets are not functioning. Regulation is often failing to produce the outcomes intended and is adding to uncertainty. The traditional utility business model is coming into question.

Where is the balance, often contradictory, between security, affordability and cleaner energy leading us? What is the role of subsidies and how are they best designed to avoid unintended outcomes? Crucially, what will be the impact of distributed generation on centralised grids and the traditional utility business model?
We look at these big issues through the viewpoint of a survey that covers 53 different companies in 35 different countries around the world.

With so many survey respondents putting an emphasis on business model transformation, we decided to show the early results of the survey to leading CEOs
from different parts of the power utilities sector around the world. You can read their perspectives on the changes ahead here.