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29 July 2015

The enforcement of the institutions constitutes the basis for country's development and welfare

Greece finds herself in one of the most crucial turning points in history, mainly due to the weakness of its institutions but also because of their further weakening. These institutions constitute the backbone on which the country's decisions and actions are based on and are the only guarantee for a well governed and democratic country.


27 July 2015

Golden Age Index

Our new Golden Age Index measures how well countries are doing in harnessing the potential of their older workers. The index is a weighted average of seven indicators that reflect the labour market impact of workers aged over 55 in 34 OECD countries, including employment, earnings and training. Businesses could gain from job redesign and role shifts to enable longer careers and manage the health issues facing older workers. Training and development should not stop at 50. Family crisis leave, career breaks and alumni programmes could all help to utilise the skills of older workers at a time when customer bases are also ageing. Age should be included in diversity audits for companies.

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23 July 2015

Tax function of the future

Never before has tax been more important to governments, taxpayers and other stakeholders. Increased global compliance requirements, together with a greater need for robust controls to manage tax risks and a desire to use data analytics to assist in business wide decision making processes are all impacting tax functions and their investment decisions. To remain relevant to the business functions will need to manage these growing external pressures and operational challenges by charting a course for continuous transformation that is immediate, holistic and practical.

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21 July 2015

Global Hotel Survey 2015

Online reviewers tend to rate eastern European hotels highly, but the city of Cape Town leads on overall online reputation, according to a new PwC report. Cleanliness and location are rated most highly everywhere, with five star hotels being more likely to respond to feedback than three and four star hotels. These are some findings from PwC’s study Online reputations – why hotel reviews matter and how hotels respond.

16 July 2015

People strategy for the digital age

CEOs are more concerned about the impact of a skills shortage on their business than at any point in the last six years, according to research by PwC. CEOs are now finding it so difficult to find people with the skills they need to grow their business that three quarters of the 1,300 CEOs interviewed by PwC rank skills shortage as the biggest threat to their business. This represents a 10 percentage point jump from 2014 and is up from less than half (46%) six years ago.

14 July 2015

PwC second most attractive employer for business students in Universum’s annual World’s Most Attractive Employer

PwC has been ranked as the world’s second most attractive employer for business students in Universum’s annual World’s Most Attractive Employer ranking – second only to Google.  The Universum World’s Most Attractive Employer ranking is an annual global survey of business and engineering students from the world’s top academic institutions in the 12 largest economies by GDP. More than 240,000 respondents from the Universum Talent Surveys ranked the companies they find most desirable for employment.