Operational Services

Operational due diligence

We provide potential acquirers with a coherent review of the targets business operations from supply chain and logistics through manufacturing and commercial activities identifying and quantifying opportunities for further improvement.

Synergy review

Given the importance of synergies in supporting the valuation of a business, we conduct a detailed review of the synergy proposals underpinning the deal. The focus is on achievability, cost to implement and timing of delivery. The detail and accuracy of the synergy forecast increases towards completion as more data is received. On completion it provides the backbone of the integration plan.

Taking control

We assess the key concerns that a new owner may have on acquiring a business. We provide information regarding t the management’s ability to deliver, the accuracy of the management accounts, the adequacy of controls, the cash and working capital management and we comment about plans for the transfer of control.

Post Deal Review

Our analysis of deals highlights that the common factor in unsuccessful deals is a delay in commencing the integration. We conduct post deal reviews to help you take immediate control of the business and avoid value leakage through poor control, failure to achieve synergies and unanticipated integration costs