Financial Due Diligence Services

We deliver our services either to buyers or vendors.

Our services can be provided at any point of time in the transaction process, but in general, it is better that they are performed as early as possible, as opportunities and synergies can be identified at an early stage and adequate solutions and strategies can be developed for potential deal issues, preventing costly negotiations.

Our work performed for Corporate or Financial buyers usually encompasses the following:

  • Analysing critical value drivers
  • Analysing key customer contracts and operating agreements
  • Analysing business dependencies on customers, suppliers and alliance partners
  • Critique of GAAP application in the context of the industry
  • Identifyng significant unrecorded commitments and contingencies
  • Identifying preliminary treatment of balance sheet items in transaction accounting
  • Facilitating the disposal process

Our work performed for Vendors usually includes:
  • Identifying areas where the buyer may seek to negotiate price reductions and suggesting negotiation strategies to maximise sale proceeds
  • Assessing synergies and separation costs, and their impacts on potential buyers’ valuations
  • Avoid lengthy re-negotiations
  • Reducing last minute problems and minimise the risk of aborting the deal
  • Expediting the deal timetable