Business Recovery Services

Our team is capable of helping organisations in financial difficulties to restore their business. At the same time, our experts can support the lenders and creditors of troubled companies to manage their risk and recover their assets. Our services include:

  • Business Regeneration
    If your company is underperforming due to:

    • Unforeseen market changes,
    • New competitors,
    • Disruptive technologies, etc

    then our team of experts will enable you to assess the vulnerable areas of your company by offering you creative solutions to restore your business. Such solutions may involve among others debt restructuring, cost reduction, working capital management and operations restructuring.

  • Receivables Management
    The working capital cycle of a company is essential for the smooth operation of an organisation. If you receive late and you pay early then your company might face financial distress. We can help you monitor your receivables cycle by implementing techniques designed to reduce receivables without damaging the core operations. Our techniques include redesigning your credit management processes, lowering billing lags, speeding up collections, and reducing overdues.

  • Loan Portfolio Services
    Whether you are a financial institution or a trade creditor and you want to dispose or purchase non-performing loans our team of experts can help you by providing financial analysis and financial due diligence, by conducting business and portfolio reviews and by managing the recovery process.