PwC Scholar for postgraduate studies in Tax Law 2014-2015

tax scholarships 2015

Congratulations scholar!

We are pleased to announce the successful scholar of the PwC Tax Scholarship for 2014-2015, Vassilis Dafnomilis. The scholarship will fund Vassilis' studies in Tax Law at Georgetown University in Washington.

PwC has been awarding scholarships since 2001 and this initiative is part of our corporate responsibility programme, which is aimed at talented and distinguished young people, with the objective to provide them with guidance towards the right educational and professional path. The central aim is to bridge the gap between market demand and education that exists in Greece. PwC has helped more than 80 students expand their academic knowledge to-date. The Tax Scholarship programme was first introduced in 2010.

We wish Vassilis the best in his future academic and professional development.