Technology, Information, Communication & Entertainment

Technology, Information, Communication and Entertainment

  • Have you embedded efficient processes and systems to improve your bottom line, whilst sustaining your operations?
  • Do your operations deliver the greatest value within your organisation?
  • Do you feel confident managing the challenges arising from shifting markets whilst exceeding your stakeholders’ inspirations?
  • Have you defined your strategy around Digital Divine, Telcoms & Media Convergence and the world of Mobile Apps?

TICE industry sectors are facing major challenges

Companies find it increasingly difficult to keep pace with today’s rate of change. Highly competitive international markets, the global macroeconomic situation, industry consolidation, investment requirements for new product offerings, potential synergies through acquisitions and development of multiple-entity ecosystems, are only few of the main challenges that organisations face during their day to day operations.


We can help you realise value across the spread of your operations

We offer a full range of services to enable organisations improve their performance and maximise their value and efficiency

Strategy to Implementation

Our team has undertaken various Strategy & Regulation projects, assisting clients in the formulation of their business strategy, as well as in its operationalisation.

Our Business Modelling / Planning engagements include, among others, analysis of investment costs, valuation exercises and business plan development. In terms of Operational Improvement we have assisted our clients to streamline their processes, to define / implement their Operating Models, as well as to implement specific turn-key solutions.

Order to Cash

We have helped our clients implement various projects related to Receivables & Collections Management addressing the entire receivables cycle, from product catalogue to debt management, with emphasis on dunning strategies, collections and recovery practices. We provide significant value through operational improvements that result in increased early collectability and reduction of write-offs and allowances of bad debt.

Requirement to Procure

When working with Procurement Divisions we aim for significant procurement cost reduction and improved organisational effectiveness. We also offer Fixed Asset Register Reconstruction that includes the identification of the key process and system changes, which are necessary to ensure that the asset management objectives of the company can be achieved.

Switch to Bill

PwC has developed integrated intra-company Revenue Assurance and margin enhancement solutions that combine the “traditional” revenue assurance techniques and tools, with the best practice processes and methodologies, in order to optimise the assurance over the entire revenue lifecycle. We have implemented various projects regarding Control Environment Enhancement and has added value by reducing the operational risk faced by the business owners.


Additionally, in responding to the current business demand for releasing tied-in internally funds – given the reduced sources for external refinancing and constricted revenues/cash inflows – the PwC TICE team has developed an extensive up-to-date methodology for Working Capital Optimisation. We are able to identify and prioritise new industry specific initiatives so as to enhance liquidity by reducing Capital Employed in the areas of Receivables, Payables and Inventories.

We would be interested in hearing any issues your organisation may be experiencing and will work with you to bring added value to your business.