• Do your IT Governance processes ensure that IT will achieve business goals in a cost effective way, and is there pressure to demonstrate the business value of IT?
  • Does the volume, diversity or complexity of your business data hold back your ability to take critical business decisions?
  • Do you have concerns over the need to protect sensitive data?
  • Do you have difficulties in choosing the suitable ERP for your business and managing the transformation?

We help our clients to drive value from technology. People rely on us to transform the way IT works for them, reducing costs, increasing efficiency and making it easier for their IT function to respond to the needs of the organisation.

How we can add value to your business

Our consultants have capabilities in project, financial, IT and risk management. They bring their expertise in systems controls, data management, outsourcing, regulatory requirements and security. Our industry knowledge helps us deliver the strategic thinking that supports our clients through change. And we have the approach to change which makes sure the benefits we deliver are sustainable.

IT Governance Processes

The role of the CIO has taken a change. Nowadays, CIOs are also expected to advance the business — developing flexible capabilities and adopting new technologies to increase effectiveness, enabling the business to grow. Our CIO Advisory offerings will help the CIO and the CIO’s organisation to achieve new business goals for profitability. We can help you improve your company’s IT performance by managing it as rigorously as any successful business.

IT Security

At PwC we can help you master all aspects of information protection from strategy to system configuration. Our professionals can deliver enterprise-wide security by aligning security strategy, organisation, governance and policies to your specific business needs and compliance requirements. We can work with you to develop and implement security and privacy guidelines and procedures, perform value-added intrusion testing, and conduct security reviews and forensic investigations.

Data Management Services

As part of our data management service, we develop and implement customised as well as industry-based solutions using a number of well-established tools, techniques and methodologies, helping your company conduct robust, detailed analysis and reporting of data. We have extensive experience in data analytics, data modelling, data conversion, automated application controls and report base lining, data warehousing, reporting, consolidation planning and EPM/CPM solutions.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Our team can help you plan, design and implement your chosen enterprise systems to best facilitate the flow of information between all business functions, and to manage any risks. In the case where you are using a different system provider, we are also able to offer you implementation and project management services to provide you with an independent overview and ensure that your enterprise system project stays on track and delivers the promised benefits.


Our team is available to meet you and discuss how we can best help you gain the most value from your technology investments.