Post Merger Integration

We have the integration and functional skills, the experience, the breadth, the depth and the geographical coverage to support you across all areas of the integration.

PwC has industry sector experts and functional specialists to provide support, challenge and give insight into opportunities. Over 75% of our integration specialists have held operational roles in industry, so we know how to practically integrate and can provide deep operational expertise in areas such as finance, supply chain, HR and IT.

We work with our clients to deliver successful integrations supported by a global network of integration specialists who routinely work together.

Our integration assignments comprises of end to end integration assignments including Strategy, Operations, Information Technology, Tax, Legal, Finance, Risk and Compliance, HR etc. Our methodology and resources are successfully delivering large-scale mergers and/or operational improvements to major financial institutions.

We assemble a team with three areas of capability – integration expertise, industry insight and experience across the different business functions. We'll help you develop the business and synergy cases, create integration plans that get the client from A to B quickly, assess your readiness for integration and provide the practical methods and tools. 

Key issues and challenges

Stakeholder impact

The communication process will need to support the right tone for the integration and your ambitions for the future. There are a wide variety of stakeholders impacted by the integration and managing key stakeholders and communications needs to be carefully planned.

Operating model

An early task in the integration process will be to help you to assess asset choices and the depth of integration required in each business and function, the speed of integration and application of new polices. We will place a particular emphasis on Finance, HR and IT.

Project impact

The business must continue to function during the integration and our experience will help you to strike the right balance between focusing on the integration programme and running the core business.


Given the public profile of the deal, the IMO needs to be forward looking to anticipate and drive solutions to risks and issues before they become a problem. Success is dependent on ensuring that the appropriate structure, controls and reporting are in place to manage downside risk on Day 1 of the integration.


The Finance function is key area for Day 1 and beyond; making sure that it is resourced and structured to meet the demands being placed upon it in terms of MI and reporting. Meeting quarterly close dates is likely to be a particular challenge.

Cultural issues

We will help you to assess and identify the likely cultural challenges, develop relationships with key people so the programme has the foundations in place to be delivered successfully.


The IMO is key is assisting the steering committee to apply sensible, but robust governance and process. Our experience will help you to set up the key decision processes to provide consistency across workstreams.