Outplacement Services

  • How do you prepare for downsizing and how do you handle the process?
  • How do you support the departing employees with the transition to their next occupation?
  • How do you motivate the employees who remain in the organisation?

Our programmes offer support to all stakeholders affected by change: the management team who needs to deliver difficult news while fostering open and clear communication within the organisation; the employees who stay; and of course the employees who leave the company.

How we can add value to your organisation 

Our PwC Outplacement methodology “Building the bridge to your next career” is based on a quality approach customised to each participant’s need - as every individual is unique.

With our Outplacement Programmes we can help your departing employees cope with change in a positive and clear manner. This involves assessing their situation and skills, developing new skills through training and certified courses (reskilling), and designing an action plan so they can quickly move to their next career step.

The PwC Outplacement approach at a glance

  • Individual sessions
  • One to One career counselling
  • Emotional support
  • Writing strong CVs and LinkedIn profiles
  • Active job hunting
  • PwC network support
  • International Search
  • Support across Greece
  • Group Strategy Sessions
  • Material and Online tools
  • Workshops

Our Outplacement team

Our team combines several years of experience in Outplacement programmes for employees from all levels, specialities and from several industries. Other than our experience and knowledge we also bring various certifications such as Recruitment, Coaching, Training, Psychology, NLP, Psychometrics and Business. Combining our Outplacement know-how with PwC global expertise in different industries, we are able to offer a complete and practical approach to each participant.

Additional services

  • Advisory on voluntary departure plans
  • Management workshops “Delivering difficult news” and “Send a positive message out to survivors”
  • Reskilling programme with certifications
  • Inplacement: designed to accompanyemployees to make a career transition within their organisation
  • “Coaching at the starting line” Executive coaching once participants find their next position