• Is it your aim to achieve maximum production efficiency throughout your business?
  • Do you want to develop and maintain a culture of continuous cost containment, without damaging the business through periodic ‘slash and burn’ cost-cutting?
  • Do you wish to optimise your supply chain to reduce the cost of procuring goods and services and cost of supply to customers?

As organisations seek to gain advantage in the economic recovery, business operations have come into the spotlight and demand for optimal cost management and customer-centric processes has never been greater.

We bring our capabilities in management and process improvement, to help companies optimise their entire value chain, finding the best way to reduce waste, lower costs and increase value using an approach that delivers sustainable benefits.

Our clients need their value chain functions to drive business growth for the organisation and we work with them to achieve this, transforming their capabilities to be agile and responsive to constantly changing conditions.

How we can add value to your business

We support our clients by offering services that will enable organisations to improve their performance in order to maximise relevance and value

Operations Performance Improvement

Our approach for process transformation ensures reduced costs, lean and efficient processes, reduced waste and increases in the quality of outputs. Our services include:

  • Operational analytics, involving modelling and analysing of complex cost and operations data to identify improvement opportunities
  • Process improvement, re-engineering and modelling to achieve quality and service at the right cost
  • Lean transformation in order to increase operational efficiency across the value chain and increase customer satisfaction
  • Strategic cost reduction to gain a better understanding of cost drivers and deliver the appropriate cost base for operations

Procurement and Supply Chain

With an increase in financial pressures, procurement and supply chain costs have become a key area of focus. We provide services from sourcing of goods and services to the full internal supply chain processes of our clients. Our services include:

  • Full Value Procurement (FVP) is a strategic service we use that envisions, establishes and sustains a company’s ability to derive maximum value and competitive advantage from the procurement and use of external goods and services. When implemented FVP offers sustainable benefits such as reducing transactional and manual activities and costs, external spend, procurement and production cycle time and supply risk. It can also increase internal and external customer satisfaction, supply market service and flexibility, as well as improving overall business planning performance.
  • Through reviewing the physical supply chain, we can support you to reduce inventory levels through driving out waste; improve planning and forecasting; reduce holding, handling and logistical costs. We ensure supply chain technology supports the business effectively, and can help you develop and implement long-term supply chain strategies that are effective and support sustainability agendas.

Cost Management

Right now, organisations are focused on reducing operating costs and making sure that their businesses are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.
We review current financial and operational performance, assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and existing technologies and establishing the opportunities for improvement, including outsourcing.

Our approach puts an emphasis on people and culture as much as it does on processes, structure and technology. It makes sure performance is managed and benefits are realised as costs are reduced and profitability improves.

Whether your focus is on reducing operating costs, identifying immediate tangible saving opportunities or obtaining a better understanding of the profitability of your products and services, we have specialists in this area who can understand your current cost management and control processes, identify cost saving measures and implement changes in a way that will drive continuous improvement and sustainable, long-term cost savings.

Collections / Receivables Management

We can help you build highly efficient and effective collections programmes that focus on the right accounts to drive the greatest monetary returns. Our proven approach is results-oriented, pragmatic and focused on delivering value to organisations in various industries such as financial services and telecommunications.
Our services include:

  • Operations process optimisation and design of target operating model (TOM)
  • Development of segmentation groups
  • Design of alternative collections strategies
  • System vendor selection, support and implementation
  • External collections agencies management
  • Data collection analysis and benchmarking
  • Performance measurement and management information
  • Training on collection practices

For further information we will be happy to meet and discuss how we can best approach your organisation’s needs.