Manufacturing & Retail

Manufacturing and Retail

  • Do you understand your customers’ needs in order to secure a competitive edge?
  • Do you have weak links in your supply chain that may disrupt production?
  • Does your cost management strategy compromise potential growth?

Many companies are increasingly constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins as a result of high operating expenses, market saturation, the rise of multichannel buying, an aging population and the rise of digital media to influence purchase decisions.

In order to remain competitive and ensure future success, manufacturers and retailers will need to make sure they find innovative solutions to create value, fiercely reduce operating costs and mitigate risks throughout the entire enterprise.

How we can add value to your business

We focus exclusively on creating value and improving financial performance through operational, organisational and process change. Our services include:

Cost Management

We assist our clients to develop a cost management strategy that maximises efficiency without compromising potential growth. Our manufacturing and retail professionals team up with our clients and together develop strategic responses to cost management issues:

  • Supply chain effectiveness
  • Working capital optimisation
  • Procurement optimisation
  • Cash management optimisation

Operations Performance Improvement

Our approach for process transformation ensures reduced costs, lean and efficient processes, reduced waste and increases in the quality of outputs. We offer:

  • Process improvement re-engineering to achieve quality and service at the right cost
  • Lean transformation to release capacity across the value chain

Budgeting & Reporting

We can assist our clients revisit and re-engineer the Planning, Budgeting and Management Information Reporting framework, by providing industry benchmarks and best practice solutions. You will benefit by having in place:

  • long term planning and a financial programme
  • excellent, reliable and fast management information (MI)
  • efficient and reliable budgeting and forecasting

Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM)

CCM is a process that ensures policies, procedures and business processes are operating effectively. Critical control points are identified and automated tests are implemented to determine if these controls are working properly. The continuous monitoring process typically involves the automated testing of all transactions within a given business process area, against a suite of controls rules.

Internal Audit Solutions

We assist our clients to improve their internal audit by:

  • assisting in the development of internal audit and risk assessment methodologies
  • developing fraud risk assessments and anti-fraud programmes
  • providing internal audit resourcing solutions
  • supporting internal audit functions with software to enhance and support their work
  • developing training programmes for internal auditors

Customer data analytics

We are able to help you stay ahead by bringing insight into what your customers really value. We use new technologies and data analytics techniques to look at how costumers behave, as well as what they say. We then help you to design and deliver products, services and experiences that will transform your relationships with your customers.

Retail shops profitability assessment

We can assist you in assessing the profitability of retail shops by evaluating the financial and operational performance of all your stores, even with different characteristics (eg size, location, transaction volume).

Data Security

We help our clients to:

  • identify, assess, remediate, monitor and manage information security risks
  • impersonate a malicious user and execute vulnerability assessments and penetration testing
  • evaluate user access management procedures and build an effective access management framework
  • design and develop a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) for ensuring the operational recovery in case of a major disaster.

 We can work closely together to achieve the best solution for your organisation and will be happy to meet with you to discuss your business needs.