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Human Resources

  • How efficient is your organisation’s structure?
  • Are your HR systems and policies up to date?
  • Are you sure you’re getting your people’s maximum potential?
  • Are you recruiting the right people with the right skills?
  • How do you support the departing employees with the transition to their next occupation?

Getting the best out of your people at each level is key to sustainable competitive advantage and it’s what distinguishes the most successful companies from the rest. Our aim is to help enhance your business performance through the performance of your people. Our specialised HR team can work with you to support you in handling all people-related aspects.

How we can add value to your business

Our human resource services team provides advice on all aspects of people management, helping our clients to create value for their businesses through people. We offer:

Organisation Design

As markets have become more competitive, less rigid and fast-moving, organisational design and development pose a bigger challenge than ever before.

We can assist you in managing change and implementation issues, by conducting change-readiness assessments and developing change-management plans and communication strategies for all employees and key stakeholders.

HR Systems Design and Transformation

In light of the continuous changes in the labour market and the significance of human resource issues, an effective HR function can be key to surviving the crisis and gaining competitive advantage.

We can support your company in reviewing, designing, and implementing HR systems and policies that correspond to your business strategy and keep your people motivated. We can offer you customised solutions ranging from recruitment, training, equitable reward policies and Performance Appraisal systems to Talent Management and Career Development programmes. We also provide HR support when significant changes take place, such as mergers, acquisitions, need for Shared Service Centers and implementation of HR policies.

Our team can perform detailed HR audit and benchmarking services and diagnostic reviews, providing guidance on labour law issues and possible HR implications. In this respect, we assess and evaluate cost elements and support you in negotiations and in developing communication initiatives with employees and employees’ representatives.

Building Capabilities - Training

We believe that giving your people the opportunity to develop their skills and express themselves is crucial at all levels - not only for them but also for you.

We can help you analyse the training needs of your people and organise a wide range of seminars at our training centre or customise programmes that are specific to your company’s culture and needs. We can assist you through interactive and action learning workshops to elaborate on your business strategy, culture and HR approach; to improve efficiency and team working; and to further develop your people’s leadership and management skills.

We can support your people through development centres or executive coaching programmes, identifying their strengths and areas for improvement and focusing on their performance targets. Moreover, we can design and execute employee engagement surveys to measure your people’s satisfaction and engagement levels and develop relevant action plans.

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Executive Recruitment

Finding the most suitable person, with the required level of knowledge and experience to cover your organisation’s needs, is a task of high importance. Unsuccessful placements are not an option anymore!

We specialise in attracting, recruiting and selecting the most appropriate executives for your organisation through personal interviews and assessment centres. We can support you in preparing job descriptions and candidate profiles that reflect your business’ requirements and corporate culture.

We apply a targeted approach in locating executives from your sector of interest, delivering detailed assessment reports and proceeding to the final selection. Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the labour market and many years of experience to help you manage end-to-end recruitment processes. For more information please click here.

Outplacement Services

Nowadays redundancies linked to downsizing, restructuring and cease of activities, are an organisational reality in the business world which can affect your employees and organisation directly. Our Outplacement programmes, that have become a core part of corporate social responsibility agendas, can support those affected by change. We understand that downsizing is a critical period for the entire organisation, and we are here to assist you and your employees to manage the process as efficiently and as smoothly as possible by participating in our customised Outplacement and career transition programmes.

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Our consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the labour market and are readily available to meet with you and discuss how they can help your organisation attract, inspire, manage develop and reward people.