Governance Risk & Compliance

Governance Risk and Compliance

  • Are you adapting your governance model to changing stakeholder expectations?
  • How can corporate governance be integrated in daily business?
  • Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of risk?
  • How can you ensure your company adheres to statutory obligations?

No business is competitive without risk. But if you don’t have visibility of this risk, it is difficult to control. Which is why the first rule of risk is: spot it, measure it and monitor it.

Identifying potential issues is vital when it comes to governance risk. Where the risk emerges from people and processes, it can grow unnoticed within your organisation. In the case of regulation, it can be suddenly thrust upon you.

As the compliance and risk landscape is continually changing companies must have a governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) strategy in place, if they wish to remain competitive. This will enable them to keep pace with new legislation and stakeholder expectations.

How we can add value to your business

We support clients in identifying, understanding and managing risk and help ensure an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities. We do this by offering the following services:

Governance & Compliance

In today’s increasingly regulated environment, organisations are required to develop and maintain effective governance and compliance frameworks to assist them in meeting an array of legal and regulatory obligations. Recent surveys indicate that understanding and effectively implementing these requirements continue to be a key challenge for a majority of organisations.

At PwC, we develop practical, integrated, effective and efficient governance frameworks that are consistent with the regulator’s requirements, your corporate strategy, ethical values and stakeholder expectations. We can help you create a framework that will enhance your organisation’s performance. Our services include:

  • design and implementation of governance structures and frameworks
  • assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the functions of BoDs and Audit Committees
  • BoD and Audit Committees self assessment tools
  • draft methodologies and tools for establishing compliance functions
  • compliance framework reviews and audits
  • compliance training for Boards, Committees and Responsible Managers

Treasury Risk Management

We have developed a highly experienced team that can help you create a treasury that delivers quantifiable value for the whole business, optimising financial flexibility and efficiency, and acting as an enabler to the business to achieve its strategic goals. Our services cover:

  • Treasury strategy definition
  • Treasury Management System (TMS) selection and implementation
  • Cash management optimisation
  • Financial risk management process design
  • Commodity hedging
  • Treasury accounting

Enterprise Risk Management

Today, most organisations face a wide range of challenges such as:

  • effectively managing financial, strategic, operational and regulatory risks
  • linking strategic goals with operational implementation
  • improving allocation of resources by prioritising and focusing on essential risks
  • setting up or expanding early-warning systems

To help you manage these challenges we can:

  • analyse your current situation and draft recommendations to improve and continue development of your risk management
  • provide risk assessment workshops to analyse and assess your current risk portfolio
  • assist in drafting a list of measures to eliminate identified weaknesses
  • develop an integrated risk management solution by defining optimal risk management processes and by training your employees
  • develop and implement comprehensive risk reporting and assist in integrating key risk indicators into your existing Management Information System (MIS)
  • carry out risk culture surveys at your company.

Our teams of risk specialists are available to support you and offer solutions in the areas of:

  • Operational risk
  • Credit risk
  • Treasury risk / financial risk
  • Fraud risk and other ethical risks
  • Business continuity
  • Data security and privacy

We will be pleased to provide you with further information and meet with you to discuss your business challenges and to formulate the right solution for you.