Executive Search & Selection

Executive Recruitment

  • Do you find it difficult selecting the right people to join your team?
  • Can you assess a candidate’s skills and competencies objectively and effectively?
  • Do you have an efficient recruitment process in place?

The business environment is changing rapidly, with both executives and companies facing new challenges and opportunities. The unemployment rate is increasing and a large number of high calibre candidates, at any level, is competing for limited job openings, making ideal matching difficult. Despite the need for cost reduction, companies still require value added services from experienced executives to run their business through the currently unstable economic environment.

More than ever, recruitment is crucial to a company’s success. The challenge is to recruit an individual with the required level of knowledge and experience, who shares the aspirations and ambitions of their new employer and has the ability to fit in with their culture.

How we can add value to your business 

We are committed to exceptional service in recruiting people that will help our clients to excel. Leveraging the PwC global network, our alumni network and our local knowledge and focus, we know where to find, and how to recruit the best talent world-wide. We do our best to learn our client’s business quickly and understand their objectives and culture.

We can handle the entire recruitment process for you and attract ideal candidates through our extended and updated CV database. We are able to handle the process discreetly without the need to publicly advertise the position or we can carry it out openly. In either case the process will be comprehensive, transparent and thorough.

Candidates are thoroughly assessed before a final shortlist is presented. Our HR executives use objective methods for assessing candidates’ skills and competencies, having in mind the best fit according to your needs. We facilitate the client in considering the shortlist and provide further assistance, during the final stage of interviews conducted by the client. We will facilitate the recruitment process up to the contract offer to the candidate, and if necessary undertake any reference checking. Upon completion of the process, we will remain in close relationship with you and the successful candidate and provide assistance where needed.

Among our service offerings we can also develop a tailor-made Assessment Centre, customised to your needs and together we can set the competencies and skills required to be assessed. Soft and technical skills of candidates will be examined and measured through various exercises. Psychometric tests are also part of the process.

Our services at a glance

  • Experienced recruiting teams
  • Ad hoc support from senior PwC industry experts
  • Extended CV database
  • Broad network of business executives
  • Detailed and comparative assessment reports
  • Customised Assessment Centres

We will be happy to be your trusted advisor to help you attract and select your organisation’s next talent. Through dialogue, close consultation and creativity we find the way forward. We believe in building and nurturing client partnerships based on the principles of trust, discretion, honesty and commitment.