Energy, utilities & mining

Energy Utilities and Mining

Tackling fundamental changes to the market

The energy, utilities and mining sector is entering a period of unprecedented change. This creates both opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders as the sector is confronted with a major programme of regulatory and policy change, high levels of capital investment, increased customer expectations and the need to address environmental concerns. Some of the challenges stakeholders face today are:

  • Transition to a new market model due to the restructuring of the Greek electricity market
  • Rapid regulatory and policy transformation
  • Volatile commodity prices and changing geopolitics
  • Greater competition and higher stakeholder expectations
  • Pressure to reduce costs since it will be progressively tougher to pass these on to end-users
  • Financial turmoil and liquidity crisis-collection of receivables under significant pressure
  • Management of intensive and ageing asset organisations
  • Introduction of smart grid and metering initiatives

How we can add value to your business

At PwC we bring together a multi-disciplinary team that features local and international experience to ensure your project is meeting key milestones, while containing costs and managing risk. We work across all areas of the business to materialise your investment objectives, provide certainty in your investment outcomes, and manage operational, financial, regulatory and fiscal risks.

Our service offerings focus on adding value to your business, while reducing complexity along the way:

Revenue Growth

We can help you get closer to your customers, while structuring and allocating limited resources where they are most effective. We can assist you with:

  • Revenue growth frameworks
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer services
  • Revenue collection

Financial Risk Management

We assist energy, utilities and mining clients in developing a disciplined risk management governance framework that will enable them to meet performance and risk objectives, resolve uncertainty and achieve their financial goals. Our service offerings include:

  • Energy trading strategy
  • Financial and commodity risk management (financial instruments)
  • Internal controls, design and optimisation
  • Risk valuation and measurement methodologies
  • Operational and risk management processes and controls
  • Modelling tools in areas such as price forecasting, asset modelling
  • Corporate governance framework to manage financial risks
  • Enterprise-wide risk management (Strategic, Operational, IT) 

Strategy and Industry Regulation

The energy regulatory landscape is particularly complex for energy and utility companies. We can help you to understand these complexities and evaluate their impact on your business. We are able to offer:

  • Restructuring and regulatory advice
  • Commercial transactions support such as Drawing Rights Agreements (DRAs)
  • Unbundling business support
  • Commercial and regulatory strategy:
    • Market entry and exit strategies
    • Evaluation of strategic options and market opportunities
    • Tariff setting and contractual term preparation
    • Revenue maximisation through regulatory modelling
  • Risk and compliance

Operations and Cost Management

We offer services that help you take the cost out of operations and increase productivity, using proven cost management methodologies in the following areas:

  • Operational review and assessment
  • Supply chain transformation
  • Procurement assessment and optimisation
  • Inventory/warehouse optimisation
  • Working Capital optimisation
  • Asset management
  • Outsourcing

Performance Management and Improvement

Helping clients attain increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of key business processes can result in a key competitive advantage. We are able to help you with:

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Financial effectiveness
  • Corporate performance management (reporting, costing)
  • Treasury management
  • IT effectiveness
  • Crisis management
  • Organisational redesign and development of target operating model
  • Shared services design

Our team is available to meet and discuss with you how we can match our local and global expertise to your needs and requirements and formulate a solution that is right for you.