Individual Level

  • We offer coaching to executives through one-to-one sessions
  • The methodology that we follow in each coaching session is based on the GROW model, which serves as a blueprint for each of the coaching sessions
  • We have experienced accredited coaches – members of local and international coaching organisations, such as: the Hellenic Coaching Association (HCA),  the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)
  • Executive coaching may either focus on a specific issue or aim to the overall development of an executive.



Corporate Level

We support organisations strengthen their coaching culture, through the following:

  1. Creating a coaching framework (either as part of the formal Performance Management system or as a parallel initiative)
  2. Identifying coaching skills requirements, as well as the current level of coaching skills within the organisation
  3. Developing and delivering a coaching skills programme. A combination of training and practical implementation of the newly acquired skills and knowledge, as well as coaching supervision
  4. Assessing coaching programme effectiveness and connection to other HR related activities