The qualities we are looking for

At PwC we recognise that we need more than just good academic qualifications. A good academic record is obviously important but in our experience, it is well rounded individuals who succeed.

There are four behaviours that outline PwC’s culture and the way we work:

Enhancing value through quality
Efficient planning and performing work according to client requirements is something we value. Our people must demonstrate courage and integrity by promptly addressing problems or issues in the workplace and should maintain effectiveness when experiencing major changes in the work environment.

Putting ourselves in each others’ shoes
At PwC, we value this trait and reward individuals who strive to reach higher standards in their interactions with their colleagues and clients. We treat each other as we ourselves want to be treated.

Sharing and collaborating
By sharing insights and best practices with each other we become more knowledgeable, perform stronger as a team and are able to bring our clients real value.

Investing in relationships
When you work with people to develop solutions, it is important that you invest in relationships with both clients and colleagues. All the good work and positive opinions you achieve have to be sustained by growing relationships.