Join us.
Accept the challenge and make your mark.

Our professionals in Deals Services - through their strong focus on specific industries, their in-depth knowledge and their fully global approach and local experience - aim at developing and implementing value-creating ideas and solutions for our clients in all their major financial, economic and strategic issues.

Your knowledge your growth

In Deals you will have every opportunity to grow professionally and to succeed as a business and financial advisor. Professional development here is continuous. It begins when you join our team and continues until the day you retire.

The opportunities to improve your technical proficiency and business skills are seamless. Through a wide array of courses and structured self-study experience, you will get what you need to thrive.

In addition to well-planned training and development options available to you throughout your career, you will have access to a variety of computer-based training courses - a self-study opportunity. Through searching our learning & educations database, you will see that when it comes to giving you the opportunity to learn, we have covered all the bases.

As a member of the Deals team, you will partner with colleagues around the globe to provide crisis management and transaction advisory services. You will work on high-profile engagements in a team environment where speed and innovation are the norm, providing you with the means for managing your career. It is up to you to set your career goals and chart the course for achieving them