SAP Controls Advisory

Building efficient, effective and consistent control environments

Over the last decades many large organisations have embarked on strategic ERP investment programmes. Improved data and information, standardised processes, common platforms and improved supply chains are just a few of the key drivers. Many of these organisations have struggled to build sustainable controls, often leading to manual, inconsistent, high cost control environments. One of the principle reasons for this is a lack of a “built in” control process, that should be developed via a dedicated Controls Stream embedded within any change programme.

Good business controls in and around your SAP systems are critical to ensure your organisation gets value from ERP investments with sustainable, effective and reliable controls.

Our Approach 

SAP Controls designand implementaion which tends to ioccur ub tge context of a wider transformaion programme and involves the complete rebuild of controls and controls technology.


Key benefits

An efficient, effective and consistent control environment brings a number of advantages to an organisation, including:

  • Improved management of risk, reducing the likelihood or severity of adverse events
  • Improved decision making through the provision of more timely, accurate and reliable information
  • Reduced cost of complying with relevant regulatory requirements, including the cost of monitoring and testing the environment
  • Standardised and sustainable business processes across the organisation, and
  • Management attention focused on value-adding activities and strategic decision making rather than “fire-fighting” compliance issues.

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