Cloud Assurance

Cloud computing is rapidly moving from hype to a must-have IT service model. It is transforming the way IT services are provided, consumed and managed.

Why Cloud?
Cloud computing has multifaceted definitions as it relates to many types of IT users. For the line-of-business executive, cloud computing is a buyer-centric view of technology in which applications are available through rental rather than purchase or development. For the CFO, the cloud offers an approach to consume the latest technologies in a pay-as-you-go model that delivers the cost benefits of variable pricing without a costly investment in hardware and software. And for the CIO, cloud computing provides an infrastructure and application model that can be rapidly provisioned and released to keep up with fluctuating demands.

Combine them, and it’s clear that cloud computing holds enormous potential to help organisations drive growth in their business by achieving dramatic savings in operating costs, reducing complexity and increasing agility.

How PwC can help you

  • A successful adoption of cloud computing requires a new mindset, and new tools, to help ensure that risks are adequately managed. Without careful planning, the anticipated gains can easily be overshadowed by the perceived or actual risk exposures and prevent benefits from being realised.
  • PwC helps clients drive business growth by assisting them navigate and manage the risks associated with the cloud. Our Cloud Assurance services provide confidence to internal and external stakeholders (eg. boards, audit committees, senior management, customers, service providers, regulators) that the risks related to cloud computing are adequately managed and the intended business benefits are being realised.