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Thanks to software, we are not only living in a time of unprecedented innovation, but also one of unprecedented opportunity and uncertainty. This series of articles identifies today's leading software companies and goes on to explore the trends, challenges and opportunities impacting them.

For software vendors, cloud computing continues its path of disruption

Cloud computing offers opportunity and obstacles. It can increase customer engagement, but it also lowers switching costs, thereby potentially increasing turnover if there is customer dissatisfaction. Software vendors must think about how they will transition all phases of their companies—not just the technical ones—to this new paradigm.

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  • Climate change
  • No secret formula
  • Customers love cloud
  • Stormy for vendors
  • Slow change
38 of Top 50

Software Companies that have either SaaS or PaaS revenue

Climate change

What were once clouds on the horizon—pardon the expression—are now hovering above, affecting the climate of every software company.

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6 of Top 50

Software Companies also on the Fastest Growing Cloud list

No secret formula for success

There are no tactical requirements to thriving in the cloud, only the need to execute well.

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89% of Top 50

SaaS revenues dominate cloud sales of Top 50 Software Companies

Why customers love the cloud

Customers like the the idea of subscriptions over licensing and they also like the agility that SaaS applications offer.

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Operational considerations for cloud business

Source: PwC's 25 Fastest Growing Cloud Companies

Why cloud remains stormy for vendors

Technical issues are only one element of what software vendors face in this cloudier environment. Cloud computing affects almost every facet of software vendors' business.

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16 of Top 50

Software Companies with 5% or more of total software revenue coming from SaaS/PaaS

How companies are handling the transition

If software vendors only had to think about the internal ramifications of the cloud, of course, the transition might be manageable. But there are other issues software vendors must be aware of, including a more broadly changing world where the importance of software continues to increase.

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Global 100

On the one hand we see a lot of evolution. The cloud, in the form of SaaS, PaaS or IaaS is becoming increasingly popular. There is also a revolution underway in software, characterised by what we call "software & [fill in the industry]".

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