US Entertainment Media and Communications deal insights: Q4 2014

February 2015
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US Entertainment Media and Communications deal insights: Q4 2014

At a glance

It was an active year for Cable, Advertising & Marketing and Information & Internet. EMC companies are spending time, effort and money on their strategy and relative position in the digital value chain. PwC reviews deal activity last year and shares its outlook for 2015.

Although, two transformative cable deals accounted for over 50% of 2014 total deal value, overall deal volumes were up 3% vs 2013, and hot spots such as outbound deals up 19% indicates the dynamic pace of deals. M&A in the EMC space will continue to be active as market participants take risks to position themselves for the future EMC marketplace which focuses on subscriber stickiness, efficient and well optimized networks and creating and maintaining the rights to compelling content.

Spotlight article

Integrating cybersecurity in M&A transactions
The frequency and scale of cyber attacks reached unprecedented levels in 2014 and the entertainment, media and communications sectors are far from immune. Knowing that security measures are more open during integration, dealmakers should assess the dimension of cybersecurity in governance, risk management, infrastructure and critical asset protection.

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