Unleashing TV spectrum: A new wave of opportunity for broadcast and wireless companies

Based on recent legislation passed by Congress, the FCC’s Notice of Public Rulemaking (NPRM) details the proposed process and regulations for a series of Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auctions aimed at freeing up TV spectrum for reuse by mobile communications providers. To bring to light the specifics of the Incentive Auction process and to explore the opportunities arising from this unprecedented and highly anticipated Auction, PwC brought the FCC and key industry representatives for a conversation.

Watch the webcast replay in its entirety and download the presentation slides, or watch short video segments below.

Industry speakers

  • William T. Lake, Chief, Media Bureau, Federal Communications Commission
  • Rebecca Hanson, Senior Advisor, Broadcast Spectrum, Federal Communications Commission
  • Christopher Guttman-McCabe, Vice President Regulatory Affairs, CTIA
  • Rick Kaplan, EVP, Strategic Planning, NAB
  • Jeff Mucci, CEO and Editorial Director, RCR Wireless News
  • Daniel Hays, Principal and US Wireless Services Advisory Leader, PwC
  • Gordon Castle, Director, PwC

Short clips from the panel discussion

Staying on air

Rebecca Hanson explains that beyond "going off the air", channel sharing and converting to UHF and VHF are ways to participate in the auction and "stay on the air".
Looming spectrum crisis

Chris Guttman-McCabe discussed implications for buyers, primarily a way to address what he calls the "looming spectrum crisis" - the gap between spectrum available in the US and usage patterns.
Spectrum scarcity

Rebecca Hanson, Rick Kaplan, and Chris Guttman-McCabe debate the problem of spectrum scarcity and increasing data demand from the broadcaster and wireless perspectives.

Rick Kaplan articulates the implications of "repacking" broadcast spectrum for broadcasters who stay on the air such as costs and operational considerations of being moved into a new band.
Global standards

Rick Kaplan and Chris Guttman-McCabe share their views on the issue of mobile device use around the world and the need for harmonization of spectrum globally.
Auction timeline

Rebecca Hanson expounds on the timing of the overall process -- when the auctions will be held and when it will be cleared, including reimbursing any broadcasters who would need to be "repacked".
Good for the industry

Rebecca Hanson, Rick Kaplan, and Chris Guttman-McCabe present their concluding comments on the outlook for the broadcaster and wireless industries.

Video segments

Unleashing TV Spectrum Part 1

William Lake, Chief of the FCC Media Bureau, provides a 15 minute presentation on the ins and outs of the proposed Broadcast Spectrum Incentive Auctions.

Unleashing TV Spectrum Part 2

Jeff Mucci moderates a panel discussion on what the Auction means for buyers and sellers. Rebecca Hanson, Rick Kaplan, and Chris Guttman-McCabe present points of view from the FCC and the leading broadcast and wireless trade organizations.

Unleashing TV Spectrum Part 3

Daniel Hays, Principal and US Wireless Services Advisory Leader, PwC and Gordon Castle, Director, PwC highlight business implications for broadcasters and wireless companies, including immediate considerations.