Carbon Disclosure Project: Linking sustainability and financials

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Global 500 report examines the carbon reduction activities of the world’s largest public companies. The 2011 report, Accelerating low carbon growth, produced by PwC, reveals a strong correlation between higher financial performance and good climate change disclosure and performance.

“ Businesses and consumers cannot be insulated from the impact of climate change being felt in countries far removed from the factories and shop shelves. Companies in the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index are looking at their supply chains, and their business models, and considering how to grow their businesses in an environment that is going to become more resource constrained.” - Alan McGill, PwC partner, Sustainability and climate change

In the biggest shift in 15 years, we’re seeing companies actually linking action on sustainability and climate change to employees’ work and their rewards. More than ever, boards are strongly engaged in tackling the opportunities and impacts of climate change.

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