Genesis Park Toronto: a video journal series

Genesis Park Toronto - part 1Part 1: The journey begins
Genesis Park - part 2Part 2: Transformation in action
Genesis Park - part 2Part 3: Work/life balance

Part 1: The journey begins
Watch PwC employees Hilmar, Mryian and Handikin as they arrive, begin to build relationships with their classmates and kick off their learning journey.

Part 2: Transformation in action
Our participants learn to better lead and interact with others through coaching and non-traditional teaming activities.

Part 3: Work/life balance
In this episode, we see how our three participants balance the pressures of work and spending time with their families.

Genesis Park (GP), PwC's global leadership development programme, is about transformation—the transformation of today's top talent into tomorrow's authentic, resilient and responsible leaders. But transformation isn't something that happens overnight. Instead, transformation occurs through our innovative, unique and intense multi-week programme that requires participants to take a leap of faith as they begin to better understand who they are, what they believe in and how they'll lead in the future.

In Toronto, we're capturing this transformation by producing a video series that follows the developmental journey of three participants throughout the residential programme.

  • What were their initial thoughts and expectations as they began their GP Toronto experience?
  • How are diversity and cultures other than their own affecting their professional and personal perspectives?
  • How will the leadership skills they're gaining help them lead in an ever-changing, complex world?
  • In the end, what did they learn about themselves and how will they leave GP different than they arrived?
  • And, after this experience, how much more ready, able and willing are they to accept foreign tours of duty, even with their families in tow?

The core themes of the video series are teamwork, innovation in business and learning, work-life balance and growth. Each of these themes will be represented throughout all of the videos and will help tell the individual transformation stories of:

Dr. Hilmar Erb Myrian Moutinho Handikin Setiawan
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